"we only develop what

we believe will be useful to the end consumer. in the end, excellence matters more."

- philosophy founder, cristina carlino

children encourage us to be creative, fun and live in the moment. they remind us to believe in magic and to colour outside the lines. our photographs celebrate our love for family and friends.

philosophy choses simple packaging to embody the simplicity and innocence of our brand. with text as our primary graphic treatment, we offer you a daily greeting to make each product take on greater meaning, with clever names that make you smile or inspire reflection.

every word has meaning, every sentence a story. we encourage you to enjoy the conversation and express your own voice by discovering your favourite products and philosophies.

the original philosophy girl

our signature philosophy girl is cristina carlino's sister michele. the photograph was taken before cristina was born by her mother patricia at lake michigan. cristina chose this picture to represent the brand because she liked that the child could be just about anyone, anywhere. the photo sparks wonder . . . what is she is dreaming about as she looks outward? what does she want to fill her pail with? what is she going to build with her little shovel? our philosophy girl represents possibility, hope and our believe in miracles philosophy.

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