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philosophy is devoted to caring for your skin. we offer some of the finest, most well-respected, innovative skin care available today. and as advanced skin care experts, our revolutionary formulas address multiple skin concerns in order to help you achieve a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

working closely with dermatologists and scientists means that philosophy skin care offers revolutionary ingredients, breakthrough formulas and advanced technology. it is designed to not only deliver dramatic results but to enhance the integrity of your skin. best of all, our formulas work together in harmony, for optimal benefit to you.
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"regular exfoliation is a requirement and a critical step to help de-age the skin. in addition, it helps enhance the performance of your other skin care products. i recommend philosophy peels to my clients to help them quickly, easily and effectively rejuvenate their skin" - dr. mary lupo
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"soap can be inflammatory on the skin. because purity made simple is a true skin purifier and emulsifier, it cleanses the skin effectively yet it is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. i love the way it leaves the skin with a perfectly balanced ph - plus it smells amazing!" - dr. mary lupo
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"hope in a jar incorporates one of my favorite alpha hydroxyl acids, lactic acid. lactic acid helps promote moisture and hydration of the skin. it also functions as an effective, yet gentle, exfoliant. hope in a jar also features beta-glucan, which helps enhance skin immunity and encourage a healthy, rosy glow" - dr. mary lupo
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"philosophy's miracle worker dark spot corrector has 10 different ingredients that work through 5 different points on the pathway toward pigment formation, to help even out the skin without bleaching and without using hydroquinone. so, this helps brighten this skin, even where you don't see the dark spots just yet." - dr. doris day
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